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MyHabitat SA, Lugano

V3 SA, Lugano

Cadenazzo ・ Region: Ticino

New construction

General Construction Contractor

Expected work completion
Q2 2018

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Residence Clavilù

The new housing project, Residence Clavilù, is located in Cadenazzo, a strategic crossroads, and an important commercial center, continuously growing. The project is in the district of Bellinzona, which is centrally located but at the same time, immersed in the tranquility of lush green vineyards.
In a residential area with a 30 km/h limit, and close to all major services, such as schools, and the Railway Station just five minutes away, Residence Clavilù offers modern architecture and a streamlined style for the different housing units.

Great attention has been paid to energy savings, low maintenance, selection of quality materials that can last over time, and the possibility for buyers to customize with tailor-made projects, allowing for achieving maximum space functionality and convenience.
The residences have central gas heating with independent unit meters, and condominium charges are very reasonable.

Improve SA has managed the entire development of the construction site, as the General Contractor, by assisting the Client during all stages of construction and managing relationships and activities for all Suppliers that have been dealing with all finishing and systems installation activities.

  • January - February 2017

  • February - March 2017

  • April - May 2017